Monday, May 16, 2011


Thanks to donations from community members and friends, we are able to feed and care for our rescues more easily!

New Dog Kennel

Since we took in rescue dogs, Princess and her three pups, we needed a proper place to house them while we find them new homes.  Thanks to online donations, we were able to build a new and improved doggie kennel!  Check out the before and after below!  :)



Friday, May 13, 2011

The "Royal Family" Moves In!

Westside Dog Initiative has taken in a momma dog (Princess) and her three puppies who were being neglected by their owner.  They are rambunctious and loving and need a home as soon as possible!

You are invited to stop by to play with these puppies and take one home!  We are located at 147 Matthews Ave. and take visitors by appointment.

"Panda" chillin' with his snacks and toys.

"Gremlin" watching his sister, Little Princess, act a fool.

"Little Princess" excited to see visitors!

Momma Princess happy in her new home.