The Faces of Westside Dog Initiative

Princess was the first dog rescued by and was the inspiration for Westside Dog Initiative.  She was tied to a tree and was deprived of food and water even though she had just given birth to a litter of nine puppies.  Two of them were given away and four died of disease due to lack of medical care/vaccinations.  Princess, along with her three remaining puppies, Li'l Princess, Panda and Gremlin, were finally rescued in January 2011 by Lori Rodriguez, founder of Westside Dog Initiative, with whom she now lives a happy and healthy life. 

"Li'l Princess," "Panda" and "Gremlin"
Panda was adopted to a happy family (below), while Li’l Princess and Gremlin were surrendered to the Humane Society

“Congressman Weiner”

Weiner was found in May 2011 on Buena Vista at Colorado St.  He was thirsty and looking for water.  He was fostered by a Westside Dog Initiative foster family for a month before being adopted out to a loving family.  

Buddy was found at a condominium complex near Rosedale Park on the Westside.  He was emaciated and kept returning for water and food.  He was fostered by Westside Dog Initiative during which he was found heartworm positive.  He was then surrendered to Green Dog Kennels where he is being fostered and treated for his heartworm condition. 

Mamas was found in September 2011 at Elmendorf Park on 19th St.  She was emaciated, very hungry and thirsty.  She is currently being fostered by Westside Dog Initiative.  She is still a puppy and is happy, loving very friendly.  She seems to be an “old soul” and is looking for a family who can appreciate her loving, loyal and grateful character. 

Baby appeared outside the gate of WDI founder, Lori Rodriguez's home.  She was emaciated, hungry and thirsty.  She is currently being fostered by Westside Dog Initiative.  She is a puppy and is very loving and playful.  She is looking for a home where she can share her love of life.

Chico was found on October 2011 at the intersection of W. Commerce and General McMullen narrowly dodging 5:00 traffic.  He still a puppy, is very playful, loving and needs a home!